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What is detailing?

Detailing is becoming a very popular choice among car enthusiasts all over the UK. People buying new cars have Prestige Valeting prepare their car right from the start before they even take delivery of it ensuring the very best protection is applied right from the beginning and avoiding any damage inflicted by poor dealership preparation. Clients who have elected to buy used vehicles and have purchased wisely ask Prestige Valeting to make their car look better than the day it was made.

The term ‘detailing’ has many interpretations and many can be wrong, the term itself can be confusing and very misleading to those who are unaware of it. You might think it means adding items to your car, EG. Stickers or parts, thankfully this is not the case, this process involves Detailing Clay, Paint Correction, Glaze.

In summary detailing is a procedure which involves meticulous cleansing, perfecting and protecting of all surfaces and areas of your vehicle. It is a process with many different stages that can take anything from 1 day to a week for completion depending on the level of service desired, the condition of the vehicle and the needs from the client. Detailing is a service that completely transforms the appearance of your vehicle and maximises the value of it as long as the detailer you employ has the experience, passion and skill necessary to detail your vehicle to the highest standard.

The following benefits are realised from using our meticulous services

+ Greater ownership experience due to condition
+ Resale value is maximised as buyers generally buy on appearance
+ Vehicles look better than new once detailed
+ Paintwork is far more resistant to environmental damage
+ Vehicle is far easier to clean and maintain
+ Vehicles stay cleaner for longer
+ Enhanced satisfaction from owing a car that is always in peak condition
+ All surfaces and materials are protected preventing deterioration

Is detailing the same as valeting?

No, it is very different. Some of the Detailers processes are similar in part but are far different in terms of the level of attention paid to detail, the tools and equipment used. Valeters provide a service to car owners and will clean the car so that all visible grime is removed from most of its areas. Visibly clean is where valeting ends and detailing takes over.


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