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Why Choose Us

With the car care market changing a lot in the last couple of years, customers now have more choices to make. Traditional valeting services still dominate the marketplace and are still largely based on low cost, low quality wash and wax services aimed at the masses, spending less time on the vehicle and damaging the paint and cutting corners. We are proud to offer an unrivalled range of detailing services designed to meet the needs of discerning customers throughout the east anglian region who want the very best in car care for their vehicles. The standard of our work is second to none, as demonstrated by the enviable portfolio of work we have acquired over the last 10 years mainly from word of mouth recommendations alone. Such work is more time consuming and requires a much greater degree of skill, and is therefore more expensive. With the condition of the bodywork, wheels and interior affecting the residual value of used cars, such work usually pays for itself, particularly on prestige and performance vehicles.

Recognising the needs of our clients we provide a professional set of services that they can trust and rely upon, we have invested in specialist premises and equipment, formal training, bespoke premium carnauba wax products and comprehensive all risks insurance cover. Potential clients should note that we are not amateurs; we have years of experience, and detailing is our full time profession.

Why Choose Us?

+ We have proven ourselves to be the most talented detailers in the Peterborough area, delivering outstanding results on every single detail that we undertake.

+ We offer an unrivalled range of detailing services designed to fully meet the needs of our clients who demand the very best in car care for their vehicles.

+ We work from a workshop it doesn’t stop us cleaning your car if the weather is bad unlike mobile valeters who can only clean your car in dry weather, being no good if they have polish on a car and its starts to rain or leaving the interior wet, plus if it’s a windy day and dust gets on the body work it can damage the paint work when leathering down after washing, during polishing or paint correction. This can cause fine scratches in a circular motion (swirl marks), some can even have a spider web pattern as well.

+ We are experienced detailers who understand the importance of trust and respect that our clients deserve, and have invested heavily in order to ensure that our clients are in safe hands.

+ We don’t use waterless products because these can scratch the bodywork quite badly. This is caused by spraying the product on the vehicle while it is dirty then wiping the vehicle with a cloth dragging all the dirt, grit and grime along the vehicle and scratching it in the process.



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